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Thursday, June 14, 2012

While at the In-Laws

Last night we were over at my in-laws' house (it seems odd to call them that since I think of them as my own parents -- anyway...).  They recently built a coop and bought seven chickens, each a different breed.  We have been watching them grow for a little over a month, and my daughter, has been enjoying them emensely.  Well, last night I notice a new magazine laying on the kitchen table, Countryside & Small Stock Journal.  I was intrigued so I opened it up and glanced through it.  Wow!  The wealth of knowledge is amazing!  They touch on just about every subject imaginable.  The recipes alone have made me want the magazine.  Baba, my father-in-law, has canceled his subscription because he does not have enough time to read it all before the next one comes (it is a bi-monthly magazine).  Does that tell you how much is in it?  And the newstand price is $3.99, the subscription price is $18 for a year.  If you are interested in checking it out, go to http://www.countrysidemag.com/.  They also have back issues you can buy and list the articles of interest for each.  I will definitely be subscribing to this little jewel!

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