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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Homemaker Training

I have been researching ways to teach my daughter the homemaking and life skills I think she needs to know, and everything I find is Christian-based.  It is frustrating when my own beliefs are no where near.  I do not need scripture to be a fabTABulous homemaker.  Anyway, I found a few Christian-based curriculum and thought about buying them and just ignoring the scriptures, but I remembered the Friends of the Library Used Book Store around the corner.  So I went to bed, with the help of Nyquil (damn cold and elevated temp), and went to the book store today. 

SOOO glad I did!  I found ten books for a total of $5!  That is a savings of over $40 from what I was about to spend last night.  Now I just need to write out a plan geared toward her age and grow it from there.  I might end up writing a book on Pagan Homemaking Skills.  If anyone has ideas of what they would have liked to know growing up, let me know. 

So far the list is:
Clay Working
Meal Planning
Herbal Remedies

That is all I can think of.  But man, the ideas running throgh my head right now are so plentiful!  Each one of those categories could be a book section, or even have a series of books where each is a book.  Hmmm....comments?

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