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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Weekly Organizing

Those who know me, know that I get bouts of home-organizing frenzy that last about as long as my energy does.  I have a tendancy to over-do by going like gang busters.  I found a website (orgjunkie.com/52-weeks) that suggested doing a project or two a week (like one or two drawers, not one or two rooms) instead of everything all at once.  I will probably do more than that, but no more (hopefully) than an hour or two a day.  I have a list made by week up until the first week of November.  I will post weekly of my progress, maybe daily if I see major progress!

Today, well...I over-did it!  I spent roughly 6 hours re-organizing my kitchen cabinets and drawers.  I have a box of utensils and dishware to Curb Alert on Craigslist tomorrow.  I had my darling Hubby print me some labels that I found the design for online (cannot find the website now to save my life, but will post it when/if I find it).  They are very simple vintage style black print on white circle labels.  And I used a red fine-tip Sharpie to write the items on the labels. 

A thrifty tip:  go to your local Dollar Tree and check out their baskets and organizers.  I was able to get some canisters (not the fancy ones above, but still servicable) and drawer organizers all for a buck a piece.  And now my once-cluttered utensil drawer looks like this:

The one above it will take some thinking on how to organize it since it houses all my cooking spoons and spatulas and ladles.  The Dollar Tree organizers are not big enough for those.  I might just have to suck it up and buy something a little more expensive...but man I hate giving up my pennies for things I think should be cheaper!

This coming week my organizing foci are:
  1. Finish the kitchen re-organization
  2. Purge out-of-date items in the pantry, Freecycle anything that we won't use but are still good
  3. Empty trash cans/recycling in basement
  4. Curb Alert old toys on Craigslist
To me that does not seem like much, and it really isn't, but I do not want to go gang busters and run out of steam half-way through working on the house.  Plus I have my normal weekly cleaning to do as well.  That is something else I need to re-organize now that my daughter is starting Kindergarten on the 27th, my cleaning routine. 

So much to do and so much time to do it.  SOOOO excited!

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